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orgart collects and supports etoy.CORPORATION, an art collective incorporated in 1994 and a first mover in the field of experimental internet art. Actions like the "digital hijack" (1996), TOYWAR (1999/2000), etoy.DAYCARE (2002), or MISSION ETERNITY (2004-...) are classics of

etoy.CORPORATION is a company that can be seen as a corporate sculpture, which is owned by more than 2500 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS. The shareholders are international art collectors (Museum für Kommunikation Bern), investors (Joi Ito), etoy.AGENTS, and some hundred TOYWAR.soldiers who fought for the etoy.BRAND during the legendary TOYWAR.battle.

etoy does not sell isolated art objects. etoy sells, trades and exchanges parts of itself: the etoy.SHARES represent participation and cultural value. In total, there are 640,000 etoy.SHARE-UNITS available on the international art market representing 100% of the etoy.POWER (=100% of the company). The unique and registered etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES guarantee the strict limitation of etoy.SHARES, etoy’s art.

Current share price and shareholders: